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G8P Overhaul Kit

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The GPI G8P Overhaul Kit is a comprehensive kit designed to restore the performance of your GPI G8P fuel transfer pump. 

Investing in the GPI G8P Overhaul Kit is a cost-effective solution to extend the lifespan of your fuel transfer pump, minimise downtime, and optimise performance. Order your kit today and experience the benefits of a fully functional GPI G8P fuel transfer pump.

Suits These Products
  • G8P
Box Contents
  • 2 x Gears
  • 1 x Motorshaft Seal
  • 1 x Coverplate O-Ring
  • 1 x Poppet O-Ring
  • 1 x Poppet Plug O-Ring
  • 1 x Bypass poppet
  • 1 x Poppet spring

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