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DP-20 Lever Diaphragm Pump

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Compatible Fluids

  • Petrol (up to E15)
  • Diesel
  • Biodiesel (Up to B20)
  • Avgas
  • Jet A-1
  • Kerosene
  • Medium Oils (up to 30W)
  • Hydraulic Fluid

Easily dispense large volumes of fuel or oil with the DP-20 Manual Lever Pump.

With just 100 strokes, you can dispense 76 liters, making it a breeze to transfer fuel even when a power source isn't available.

Its portability makes it perfect for use in a variety of applications, and the pump mounts directly to tanks with a 2" NPT male thread for added convenience.

Get the efficient and effortless fuel transfer you need with the DP-20.

  • Perfect for small fuel transfer applications
  • No power required
  • Can be used to pump dirty or contaminated fluids
  • Built-in air valve to prevent leakage at nozzle.
  • Lightweight, die-cast aluminum housing for easy installation.
  • Type: Diaphragm
  • Flowrate: Up to 76 litres per 100 stroke cycles)
  • Housing/Barrel Material: Corrosion Resistant Aluminium
  • Nozzle/Spout Material: Plastic, with Built-in Holder
  • Suction Pipe Connection: 1" NPT
  • Outlet Connection: 3/4" NPT
  • Mounting Connection: Direct Mount, 2" NPT (M)
  • Dispensing Hose: Buna-N electrically conductive, 2.43 M x 3/4 "
  • Suction Pipe: Polypropylene, Telescoping, 38 - 101 cms
Box Contents
  • DP20 Hand Pump
  • Telescopic Suction Tube
  • Dispensing Hose w/ Spout
  • Lockable Lever
  • Owners Manual

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